For Vendors - Sweet Bough Wedding Collective

Thank you so much for your interest in being listed in our vendor directory, and for your dedication to our Terms of Engagement. Below, we’ve outlined some first steps to becoming an engaged member of our community.

Include Sweet Bough on your website

Sweet Bough Wedding Collective Logo

Add the image on the right to your website with a link back to! Right click and choose “save image” to download. If the image doesn’t fit with your style or just a text link is more appealing, here’s some copy that you can copy and paste right into your own site:

We’re proud to be listed as part of the Sweet Bough Wedding Collective community, along with vendors of all shapes and sizes who abide by similar principles of respect, inclusion, and compassion. Explore the vendor directory and find resources for nearlywed couples at

Share print materials with your clients

If you do in-person client meetings, we’re happy to share a stack of postcards with you to share with your clients. Just shoot us an email at to request some.

Add us to your preferred vendor list

If you have an existing preferred vendor list that you share with your clients, please add us to it! Let us know if you need any help with the language or format of our listing, or if we can provide any images. If you don’t have a preferred vendor list, don’t worry about it… we hope that the community we’re building together can serve as a preferred vendor network, and that all of our vendors are happy to work with and refer each other!

Stay engaged on social media

First of all, like our Facebook page (from your personal account and / or your business account) at, and share a link with your own audience announcing you’re part of the community!

Sharing: Please share our blog posts or stories of your own business’ engagement with the collective frequently! Social engagement is one of the keys to our website traffic. With your help, over 25% of our web traffic already comes from social referrals. Sharing Sweet Bough content doesn’t have to be just a one-time thing… we hope that the blog content that we create is helpful, engaging, and relevant for your clients, and therefore worth sharing on a regular basis. When you share content on Facebook, please make sure to link directly to the content on our site at, in addition to tagging our page.

Tagging: At present, the only platform where we are present is Facebook. Our page URL is Please tag us in your page’s posts whenever it’s appropriate. On other platforms like Instagram our handle is @sweetboughcollective and you can always use #sweetboughweddingcollective. This will help us gain name recognition as a whole, and help us gauge potential engagement on those platforms for future expansion of our social media efforts.

Tagging other vendors in our community: Another great way to get a Sweet Bough mention in there is to give a shout out to other vendors! When you’ve collaborated with another Sweet Bough vendor on a successful event, post about it! Mention other vendors, mention Sweet Bough, and strengthen the network.

Include information about Sweet Bough in your communication with your clients

Adding information about the collective to your email responses for new or potential clients is a great value add for the client, and can help them feel supported by our community from an early stage. This will be different for everyone, but here’s a suggestion based on what Allison adds to the end of the email every time she responds to a new wedding photography inquiry:

P.S. We’re proud to be listed as part of the Sweet Bough Wedding Collective community, along with vendors of all shapes and sizes who abide by similar principles of respect, inclusion, and compassion. The site,, has a growing set of resources for couples getting married in the region, including a vendor directory and blog posts featuring real weddings, vendor profiles, and resources to support couples before, during, and after their celebration. I hope this can serve as a valuable resource in your wedding planning!

Stay up-to-date on our vendor community

Our vendor community is constantly growing, and our vendors have lots of great things going on! We’ll be announcing new additions to our vendor community on a regular basis via social media and in our vendor update emails. Stay engaged with the vendor community by taking the time to learn about your fellow community members, joining us for meetups the first Tuesday of every month, and sharing posts and information from your fellow vendors via social media.

Invite your friends!

We know there are plenty of amazing vendors catering their services to wedding clients that are not yet part of our community. If you know of a vendor who you think would be a good fit, tell them about us! We welcome all vendors from the area, as long as they agree to our Terms of Engagement. They can fill out the form at to get listed!