Submit a wedding - Sweet Bough Wedding Collective

We’re excited to start showcasing real weddings on our website and social media! We’re asking our community of vendors to submit weddings they worked on to be featured on the Sweet Bough site. Unique and diverse or quintessentially Ithaca weddings equally welcome! At least three Sweet Bough Collective vendors must have been involved in the wedding for us to consider featuring it. We will prioritize weddings that involve more than three Sweet Bough members, and submissions in which the photos highlight the vendor’s work, not just the couple.

Here is the process: 

  • We ask that you submit your nomination of the wedding to us for consideration before reaching out to the couple or other vendors. 
  • If we think it’s a good fit, we’ll ask you to reach out to the couple to see if they’re willing to share their wedding story. If so, you’ll be responsible for sending them our survey so they can fill out the details of their wedding.
  • If the photographer was not a Sweet Bough member, we’ll also ask the couple to put us in touch with the photographer for permission before they fill out the survey. (Professional photographs must be available for a feature.)

As always, reach out to Allison or Rachel with any questions!