Humble Bee Baking Company - Sweet Bough Wedding Collective
Humble Bee Baking Company

A micro-bakery creating simple, elegant, and delicious cakes for special occasions in the Finger Lakes region, using local ingredients and seasonal flavors. Humble Bee Baking Company is motivated by the conviction that cake should taste as good as it looks! Everything is made from scratch, using locally stone-milled organic flour, local and regional organic dairy, local free-range eggs, and seasonal fruit from local and regional farms whenever applicable and available. Vegan and gluten-free options are among our specialties. This business grew out of a love for small farms, fine food, and edible art, and aims to support local growers who use sustainable practices. Owner and baker Hope brings together a decade of skills learned through work for small-scale organic farmers, artisan bread bakers, and as a pastry baker for farm-to-table caterers in the Ithaca and Finger Lakes area.

This vendor is a member of Sweet Bough Collective, along with vendors of all shapes and sizes in the Ithaca, NY area who abide by similar principles of respect, inclusion, and compassion. From the big decisions like venues and caterers to the details like custom ring design and group activities, you’ll find your dream team of locally-focused vendors here. Explore more vendors in our complete vendor directory.