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Old Schoolhouse 1850 B&B
Old School House 1850
Our Old School House has a very homey, comfortable feel. The schoolhouse was built in 1850 and was what is now our living and kitchen rooms. They stopped using it as a schoolhouse in the 1950s. Since then, the house has been “bumped out and up”. I purchased the schoolhouse in 2012 and just love its history.
We can accommodate 2 adults…You’ll be staying in the upstairs of the house where you’ll have the Sunrise bedroom and the Sunset sitting room. You’ll have tea and coffee available in the sitting room. You’ll have a private half bath, the shower is downstairs in the main bathroom. You’ll have the option to come downstairs and enjoy our living room, have access to the kitchen, large deck off the kitchen, herb and flower gardens.
I will be here to greet and show you to your rooms and hopefully well enjoy some great conversations that will help make your stay memorable.
You’ll have easy access to many of the hiking/walking trails all within 10 miles of our home. If you’re traveling with bicycles, there is the very beautiful Black Diamond Rail Trail which is an 8 mi. walking/biking trail and will give you access into Ithaca on your bike.

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