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Uplifted Ithaca
With almost two decades of documentary filmmaking experience, Shira Evergreen brings a cinematic eye to aerial imagery. She uses the DJI Mavic Pro drone and also offers professional video and sound recording on the ground. She provides edited films complete with music, text, and graphics, and brings a down-to-earth attitude to her work in the skies. Her priorities are safety, excellent communication, and powerful storytelling. Woman-owned, LGBT-owned, FAA certified, Local First Ithaca member.

This vendor is a member of Sweet Bough Collective, along with vendors of all shapes and sizes in the Ithaca, NY area who abide by similar principles of respect, inclusion, and compassion. From the big decisions like venues and caterers to the details like custom ring design and group activities, you’ll find your dream team of locally-focused vendors here. Explore more vendors in our complete vendor directory.